2015-2016 F150 Power Stop Z36 Extreme Truck and Tow Complete Brake Kit Install

Trucks are naturally heavy. It just comes as a standard part of the package. Too bad nobody sent that memo to your F150’s factory brakes. Your factory brake pads and rotors struggle bringing a bone-stock F150 to a decent stop, especially after putting a good amount of miles on them. Let’s not even talk about towing or hauling where the stock brake pads and rotors do almost nothing for your powerful F150 truck. To get your truck excellent braking performance, especially when towing, hauling, or anything else that you’d expect a truck to do, you’ll need this awesome F150 brake kit from our friends over at Power Stop. This complete braking system comes with a full set of Power Stop’s legendary rotors that are combined with Power Stop’s excellent Z36 Extreme truck and towing brake pads that give you the stopping power and greatly reduced fade your F150 needs when getting thrown around off-road or while towing and hauling all of your awesome gear. The kit’s braking components bolt on right in place of your truck’s stock brake rotors and brake pads, making it extremely easy to give your truck the braking performance it actually deserves.