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How to- Install Brake Pads (Ford F150, Expeditions, and Lincoln Navigators)

The brake pads used on the 2010 to present Ford F150, Expeditions, and Lincoln Navigators have a slightly different inner and outer brake pad that can be installed in the wrong positions. Incorrect installation will affect the performance of the brake system and can potentially damage components.

If the inner brake pad is installed in the outer position it will push the outer end of the caliper up, causing the caliper to sit on an angle. This will cause brake drag and can damage components.

The inner pads have bumps on the top of the brake pad. These bumps are contoured to the shape of the caliper pistons and must be installed on the inner side of the caliper.

PowerStop’s fourteen-fourteen brake pads have been labeled inner and outer on the brake pads shim to help identify the correct position of each pad.

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