The Ideal Brake Kit for Towing with Your Truck

brake kit for towing with truck

The Right Brake Kit for Towing

Power Stop has the ideal brake parts for towing with your truck. The two components you want are Power Stop’s drilled and slotted rotors and Z36 pads.

Cross drilled and slotted rotors look cool, but do they really do anything special?

Brakes work by creating friction between the pad and rotor. This friction creates a LOT of heat. When brakes get too hot, brake performance suffers; brake fade is one such problem.

As heat is created, brake dust and gasses form a thin layer between the pad and rotor.

The slots machined in the face of the brake rotor are designed to sweep away dusts and gasses, keeping the pad and rotor contact area clean to maintain optimal performance. The slots also sweep away water quickly if the brakes get wet, when driving through a puddle.

Cross Drilled Rotors, allow air to flow through the rotor to dissipate the intense heat. They also allow air to flow to the rotor and pad contact area, helping not only to cool the rotor, but also the pad and rotor contact patch.

Z36 Carbon-Fiber Ceramic low-dust formula offers extreme braking performance that is designed for trucks without sacrificing everyday drivability. Premium stainless-steel shims provide better heat dissipation & virtually noise-free braking.

Power Stop’s Z36 brake kit gives you dust-free, quiet braking that will help prevent brake fade and brake fluid boil all in one kit for most vehicles.

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