Performance Brake Pad Kit- Z23 Evolution Sport or Z26 Street Warrior, Which Kit is Right for You?

Z23 Evolution Sport or Z26 Street Warrior Performance Brake Pad Kit

When choosing between Power Stop’s top of the line brake pads Z23 and Z26, what you’ll really need to know is what kind of performance you’ll want out of your pads.

The Z23 pads are a carbon-fiber ceramic formula that offer great dust-free braking performance. Designed for increased braking power for a daily-driven car, truck, SUV or crossover.

Wile the Z26 on the hand is designed for extreme street braking performance on high performance vehicles. It includes premium stainless steel shims to provide better heat dissipation.

Either way when you’re buying your Power Stop brake kit it’ll come with all the hardware and lubricant to make your performance upgrade easy.

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