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July 18, 2019

6 Summer Car Cleaning & Detailing Mistakes to Avoid

It’s summer. Birds are chirping, lawns are a well-kept green, and kids are happily out of school. It’s the perfect time of year to have your car looking its best, especially if you might be looking to trade-in or sell it. However, the paint and glass is more delicate than you might think. So if […]

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Truck U Z36 Extreme Truck & Tow Brake Kit Install
July 16, 2019

Truck U Series: PowerStop Z36 Extreme Truck & Tow Brake Kit Install

Truck U Tackles a Z36 Truck & Tow Install The guys over at Truck U know their way around a truck. From maintenance to extreme off-road upgrades, Matt and Bruno handle everything in the shop with fun and knowledge. In this feature, the duo presents the PowerStop Z36 Extreme Truck & Tow brake kit. This […]

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