Truck U Z36 Extreme Truck & Tow Brake Kit Install

Truck U Tackles a Z36 Truck & Tow Install

The guys over at Truck U know their way around a truck. From maintenance to extreme off-road upgrades, Matt and Bruno handle everything in the shop with fun and knowledge. In this feature, the duo presents the PowerStop Z36 Extreme Truck & Tow brake kit. This is the ultimate upgrade for trucks that hauling extra weight, tow a trailer or boat, have a larger wheel/tire combination, or simply want better stopping power. The Truck they are working on features a rear drum parking brake, which may not be applicable to all applications. As shown in the video, the brake kit comes with everything needed to quickly and easily install your upgrade with no extra trips to the parts store.

A Little More About the Z36 Truck & Tow Brake Kit

Z36 Carbon-Fiber Ceramic low-dust formula offers extreme braking performance that is designed for trucks without sacrificing everyday drivability. Premium stainless-steel shims provide better heat dissipation & virtually noise-free braking.

Cross-Drilled & Slotted Rotors allow air to flow through the rotor to dissipate the intense heat. They also allow air to flow to the rotor and pad contact area, helping not only to cool the rotor, but also the pad and rotor contact patch.

PowerStop’s Z36 brake kit gives you dust-free, quiet braking that will help prevent brake fade and brake fluid boil all in one kit for most vehicles.



Don’t Just Stop… PowerStop!

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