On a mission to stop the world in its tracks
For the last 20 years, we’ve been working to bring top quality brake upgrades to every driver and vehicle on the road—no matter if you drive a sports car, pickup or minivan.
Brake upgrades shouldn’t just be for high performance vehicles.
-Arvin Scott

Inventors of the One-Click Brake Upgrade Kit

We set out to design a kit that removed the guesswork from shopping online for brakes by including everything in one box—pads, rotors, hardware and more. Our upgrade kits are now available for 98% of vehicle on the road, covering everything from current model year trucks, all the way back to 60s muscle cars, and everything between.


Engineered. Tested. Trusted.

Our most popular brake kits feature brake pads with a carbon-fiber ceramic formula, providing a low-dust, noise-free, fantastic braking experience. Our engineers work to ensure everything we make is a direct bolt-on replacement for the original brakes, making it easy to upgrade any vehicles braking performance. And we test all of our products using the “LA Traffic Test,” the same test that auto manufacturers use when designing new vehicles.


Brakes are in our blood

PowerStop co-founder Arvin Scott has spent his entire life around cars. As a kid, Arvin would spend his summers helping run the cash register at his grandfather’s auto parts store in the outskirts of Chicago. Early on, Arvin realized that most vehicles suffer from weak brakes. With PowerStop, he set out make the brakes that should’ve come on every new car. Today, our goal at PowerStop is to provide top quality performance brakes for every vehicle on the road.


Corporate Responsibility

PowerStop has been providing a safe, problem-free performance brake upgrade since ’95 and is equally committed to eco friendly practices. PowerStop is committed to supplying our customers with 100% Copper-Free Brake Pads that meet their ongoing performance requirements far in advance of the defined timeline stated in California SB 346 and Washington SB 6557.


Not just for the DIY mechanic

We want to make the experience of replacing your brakes as easy as possible, which is why we will soon be offering you an easy, transparent way to get your brakes installed too.

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