Install It For Me - Frequently Asked Questions

If the customer brings a PowerStop brake kit in, aren’t we losing money on parts?

No. These customers normally don’t have shops do installs for them, so making any money at all from an online customer simply does not happen. This is an opportunity to make money on the labor side and an opportunity to gain a new customer. This program is designed to push online customers back into a repair facility setting. The other upside is the ability to check the vehicle over during the service. Tires, shocks/struts, bushings, hoses, etc are normally checked by shops during any service and installing the customer’s brake kit is no different.

What happens if the customer has the wrong parts?

The installer should double-check all part numbers before installation. If the customer has the wrong parts, they will work with the online retailer to get the correct parts sent out.

What happens if there is a warranty claim?

Warranty issues are quite rare with PowerStop components when proper installation and break-in procedures are followed. The warranty coverage is between the customer and their retailer. If there is an issue, they should contact the retailer directly. Warranty details.

Do we need to put pricing, hours, shop pictures, etc in our profile?

Shops with a complete profile will have a much greater chance of being selected by the customer. These are online shoppers and most do their research and read numerous reviews before they make a decision. Having as much information as possible about your shop in your profile will help increase chances of the customer selecting your shop.

Do the labor charges include taxes, fluids, shop supplies, etc?

No, the program outlines the labor charges as just that. A note will be displayed for the customer that taxes, fluids, shops supplies, etc are not included in the cost. Also, for kits with calipers, an upcharge should be listed for that service. Bleeding should be included in the price, but not the fluids needed.

How do Ratings & Reviews work?

The PowerStop IIFM system will allow the customer to leave reviews for the shop. These work just like any other online review system and online customers review these while they are selecting a shop.

What does the customer experience look like?

Many customers shop online. For many aftermarket parts, the customer buys online and then installs the parts themselves or finds a friend or family member to install them. The new IIFM program details will show up during the checkout process for the customer. The IIFM system will ask if the customer would like to have a shop install their new parts. At this point, a list of shops will be displayed for the customer to pick from. If your shop is selected, you will be notified that a new customer has a kit and is ready to schedule an appointment.

What involvement does PowerStop have with the installer/customer relationship?

The IIFM program is simply to drive online customers back into shops for the installation of parts. PowerStop does not make money off of the transaction and does not get involved in the transaction other than linking the two parties together. Once the two parties are “introduced” to each other, the relationship between the customer and shop is no different than a customer walking in off of the street.

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