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PowerStop Red-Team Member Karen Thomas

In the old days at the track, Dr. Karen Thomas’ Teslas Model X P110D would have been considered a grocery getter. But today, her Tesla is the fastest, safest, most utilitarian SUV produced for the public. Dr. Karen has tastefully upgraded her’s with key components that compliment the already “ludicrous” performance these cars are known for to help compete for the top spot in OPTIMA’s Search for the Ultimate Streetcar Challenge.

“Knowing the design and engineering phase of the competition is 1/5 of the total score and that may categories are won or lost not on the track but in this interview-style judging segment, I hit the ground running by making modifications to the car only 2 weeks after delivery. I knew I only had 3 1/2 weeks from the time I picked up the car until NOLA 2018.

Being the first Tesla and the first non factory sponsored EV to run in the NOLA event, I didn’t want to leave room on the table for missed points. The first thing I did was change the brake pads to PowerStop. It took a little thinking and looking but with the great help of the technicians at PowerStop and their awesome customer service, by the next event at NCM Motorspots park. What a difference it made! There I was trying to change the brakes for D&E but the performance was well worth the change for this 7K LB monster. Over the next 8 races and 6 wins, I made the following changes: (See list)

Lots of travel, racing and driving to and from work and 1/8 and 1/4 mile drag racing every Thursday night and some Saturdays here I am at 45k miles and a car that will perform like nobody’s business.”

Dr. Karen Thomas @greerchiropractic on Instagram
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optima search for the ultimate street car competitior dr karen thomas powerstop sponsored team driver tesla model X


  • Power  772 hp
  • Torque 920 ft-lb
  • 1/8 mile  7.00 sec
  • ¼  Mile 11.20 sec        


  • Veloz Designs carbon fiber wrap mirrors and Rear Wing.     
  • Moody Blue Designs, Inc. Sponsor Graphics design and application.


  • Dual mounted motors for AWD performance and control


  • Custom Max-Power battery feature for high performance on Hot Laps
  • Exposed front air duct for extra cooling
  • Patented design FireAde cooling in battery assembly


  • PowerStop Track Day Pads for Brembo (ABS) Front and Rear brakes.
  • Michelin Latitude Sport Tires, Rim Guard wheel protection


  • Custom Suspension/steering settings for tighter handling and performance
  • Auto drive feature for the ride home

Custom Interior          

  • Racing seat for driver with vinyl side windows
  • Removable Carbon fiber door, dash and console
  • Futuristic curved handles
  • Falcon Rear doors
  • Custom steering wheel for AUTOX
  • Custom designed and manufactured Driver Harness


  • Rear camera selection for 360 degree viewing for Road Course Safety.
  • FireAde in car fire suppression system


  • Remove Front trunk (frunk) exposed air duct
  • My Own Custom Designed and sewn Fire Suit and Cool shirt.                   


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