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The Gridlife Concert Experience

When the sun goes down over Road Atlanta the Gridlife concert stage comes to life. In past years acts like Andrew WK, Wacka Flacka, and Ludacris have come to Gridlife South to perform. The lineup this year was stacked with Gridlife regulars like CoFresi and Dogma as well as some new headliners that brought the house down. Slander, Killer Mike, Curren$y, Joyryde, and Tokyo Machine all brought a totally new sound to our temporary home in Georgia.

It’s also a music festival

The vibe at the concert is less that of a standard concert and much more like the feeling of being at a major music festival. People from all over travel to Gridlife to be a part of the nightlife and it showed, with a crowd of thousands dancing to music well into the night. Also be sure to check for blog updates with more Gridlife pictures!


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