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Gridlife pics from Autobahn CC in Joliet, IL

We didn’t spend too much time last weekend shooting Gridlife pics, but we’re happy with the pictures that we did get. Autobahn Country Club is a multi-configuration track that brings a unique opportunity to Track Battle Competitors. Saturday began on North Course, the shortest configuration on site. In the early evening, we reconfigured to full course which offers 4 miles of track. We ran full-course until it was dark, giving us a chance to shoot photos of glowing brakes in the final 30 minutes of running.

Gridlife Results

Event results can be found here. There were plenty of records broken this weekend including the South Course overall Time Attack track record with a 1:22.949. Anyone who has raced here knows that that is absolutely FLYING. Congrats to Andy and all of the competitors that came out and reset records this weekend.

Click on the gallery to see the 41 pictures from Autobahn Country Club. Also be sure to check for blog updates with more event pictures!


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