2018 Gridlife Track Battle

Round 2 at brought the debut of the new Brack Battle format to the Gridlife Track Battle time attack series. The new format pits drivers against each other in one-on-one battles as they are seeded in a traditional competitive bracket system. Each driver sets the fastest lap possible in qualifying to be placed in the bracket against the 7 other fastest cars in their class.

Brack Battles are possibly the most exciting change to the current “standard” for time attack racing around the world. Through a multi-camera system on track, spectators can now follow these head-to-head races with live commentating that informs them of the intricacies of each race. This change makes time attack as easy to follow as NASCAR, giving spectators someone to cheer on in each race.

It’s not all Time Attack though

Although Bracket Battles are exciting, many drivers come to Gridlife just to get track time in their everyday drivers. From beginning to advanced drivers, this is where drivers get to hone their craft! Many of these drivers will go on to try their hand at time attack racing in the future.

Do the rain dance.

The rain made the track tricky at times, but it also made for great pictures. As things dried out the track got faster and the classic glowing-rotor pictures began to materialize. Congratulations to all of the time attack winners, the new format saw a few big upsets that shocked us all!

All of the Track Battle results can be found on alongside the results for all of your other favorite racing series. Click any image in the gallery to access all of the picture of on-track action! Also be sure to check for blog updates with more Gridlife pictures!


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