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Go out on the grid at Formula Drift

The grid and the hot pits at Formula Drift at Texas Motor Speedway are the 2 places where the public cannot access for safety reasons. But we sent our photographer Matt out there to show you what goes on between competition runs at FDTX. The hot pits are the mobile repair station for each of the teams where the cars get serviced and prepared for each run. Everything from a simple tire change to replacing a major component happens out here, whatever it takes to get back on track.

The grid is the last stop a drifter makes before competing. During practice, the grid is packed with up to 40 cars waiting to make a practice run. During actual competition though you won’t see more than 4 cars out on-grid. This keeps it clear for a smooth and efficient way to get cars through each round of competition. We also get to see the last moments that the drivers have to collect themselves before a run.

Less talking, more pics

Here is the FDTX gallery showing you these moments that you usually can’t access. Make sure to check back for our pits coverage later this week. Check back at soon!


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