The NCM Motorsports Park Road Course

2018 was special at the Optima Batteries Search for the Ultimate Streetcar series on the Falken Tire Road Course. Typically we run a shorter configuration, but this year we ran the NCM Motorsports Park “Grand” full course configuration. This consists of 3.2 miles of racetrack with elevation change, turn 20 is the most exciting turn known as the “sinkhole”.

The “sinkhole” is named both for it’s EXTREME elevation change, and for the infamous sinkhole that opened under the National Corvette Museum. Turn 20 demands patience, it can unload your suspension and throw you for a loop if you’re not careful. We had an uneventful day on the road course, which equates to a good day on-track.

The PowerStop Brakes Speed Stop Challenge

Our format this year on the Speed Stop course has 2 equal parts. The configuration is a 2 sided design giving you both a left-hand turn as well as a right-hand turn. We take your best time from each side and the total between them is your official course time. Ken Thwaits is usually a dominant force in his AWD Mitsubishi Evo but left early with a blown rear diff. This opened the door to Mike DuSold and Danny Popp to duke it out for the top spot with Mike coming out the victor.

The weather was in our favor and allowed the track to stay warm, but with enough cloud cover to keep the cars and drivers cool. This doesn’t mean we didn’t see some great powerslides and dramatic smokey stops though. Lucky for the spectators that the GTV cars don’t have the luxury of ABS. We couldn’t have asked for a nicer day, and we’re already planning for the 2019 stop at NCM Motorsports Park. Until then, click into the gallery below to look through the 50+ images below to find your car!

Learn more about the Optima Batteries Ultimate Streetcar series at the link below, and check back for our coverage of day 2 later this week. If you want to learn more about the previous Optima event be sure to check out our NOLA coverage here!


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