2018 brings drifting back to Midpond Circuit

On January 21, 2018 the Southeast drift community was re-introduced to a venue recently though lost for good. We received a call from the Streetwise Drift (SWD) team in late December with a proposition to bring drifting back to Midpond, and PowerStop was given an opportunity to support true grassroots drifting. Of course, we said yes with no hesitation and relished the thought of getting to a track in the middle of January… you see we are a Chicago based company and fun with cars in January is not “normal” for us, not without some gripping cold at least.

Streetwise Drift made it easy

Event planning was easy for us as SWD took care of everything, from site-surveys to prepping the venue. They really put forward an effort to make this an epic start to 2018. The track was cleaned, prepped, and in some places cleared of standing water. It felt more like street drifting than any other prepped course we have been on. Midpond was built as a kart track and that means tighter corners and shorter straights. This suits it well as a course to test skills without needing huge power to link corners.

The facility also has a beautiful newer clubhouse with a huge back deck that gives you a perfect view of the entire course! It’s also a great place to find some shade, oh yeah it was 70 degrees and warm in January! All in all it is a great venue and the plans they have to expand it sound very promising!

Midpond Media day Success!

Now that the dust and smoke have settled we can say it was truly an epic start to 2018! With cars from teams like Top Garage and Garage Moon Power on hand, not to mention 3 drift Vettes, a 1963 Ford drift truck, one of the cleanest 3-series drift cars on the planet and a handful of very experienced grassroots drifters, this was the best way to start the 2018 race season we could think of.

What Streetwise had to say.

We asked SWD what they had to say about the Midpond media day, and what the future holds. This is what they had to say!

“When an opportunity arises like this. JUST DRIFT IT.

A representative from the Midpond Circuit facility in AL called us up one afternoon to let us know they are re- opening and that would like us to come in and operate some events to re-introduce the track to the public. This was an interesting proposition for us to chew on, especially after an 18 month break from producing events… you see life happens and we had a relocation and just plain ole life stuff taking priority. But, we didn’t chew on it long!

It quickly turned into some long nights of phone calls and a couple of8-hour road trips to evaluate the space. It wasn’t long before we were on site with Shovel and Saw in hand, cleaning up for an event that was now gaining some significant traction. The Midpond Circuit Media Day!

Within a day or two of reaching out to our 9+ year network of drivers and media contacts, the grid was quickly filling out and we were seeing huge support from companies wanting to be involved. It would seem as though “Our event productions have been missed”, and this place has an almost cult appeal for drifters. This production needed to be unique and deliver for them and that it did.

The buzz about this venue and this event was growing at a feverish rate. There are quite a few additional drift events planned at Midpond Circuit for 2018. Track improvements are being make and there is even discussions to develop and sanction the site so it can serve 4X4s, Side by Sides, Motards, and more! Maybe even a Sporting Clay and Gun range! 

Needless to say we are stoked to be plugged in. The Drifting community around us is showing the love and it just feels right.

See you at the track!

On to the Images!

We had a great time and can’t wait to get back to Alabama… enough chit-chat though! Let’s get to the pictures! Although not before we giving thanks to the other awesome sponsors that helped make this event happen with very little notice! Click here or on the image below to see the gallery and feel free to repost the images and tag the sponsors for the event… #Streetwisedrift #PowerStop #DontJustStop #MidpondCircuit #Drifting #KROWRX #ChaseBays #ProAutoLLC #S3MAG

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