Back The PowerStop Trail to SEMA 2018 Day 1 - 21 Road

The Trail to SEMA – Day 1 “21 Road”

Join the Trail to SEMA crew as they meet up in Grand Junction, CO. After a quick bite, the entire crew participates in the annual “beadlock building party” of the hotel parking lot before a good night’s sleep and a trail ride on 21 Road.

The beadlock party takes a turn as Ian Johnson and Matt from Bleepin Jeep put together a friendly wager regarding the strength of Matt’s Dana 44’s because now that he has a set of 40” sticky Maxxis Trepador Competition tires on Vision Wheel Manx Beadlocks. However, Matt is an experienced driver that has trussed and gusseted his front TJ D44. It is also equipped with RCV Axles shafts so he is confident that he will win.

Before starting the trail ride, the crew makes annual breakfast pilgrimage to Trailhead Coffee in Grand Junction.

21 Road is a mostly granite trail with big boulders and some unexpected wet conditions which created a slippery situation for some of the drivers. Despite the less-than-ideal trail conditions, everyone had a blast. This was in big part due to a great trail leader borrowed from the Unlimited LJ Adventure in his more than capable yellow LJ “Minion”. Along the way, you’ll meet all of the new players that you may not already know from prior years on the PowerStop Trail.

Thank you to JC Whitney and all of the corporate partners and participants for making the PowerStop Trail 2018 a wild success!

Follow along as we kick off the 2018 PowerStop Trail: to SEMA!

Be sure to pay a visit to all of our corporate partners, and keep an eye out for a huge gallery of images from our 2018 adventure!

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