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Every year, the world famous SEMA show is held in Las Vegas to highlight the best innovations and new products in the aftermarket automotive world. When most vendors and attendees take a flight to the show, we take the scenic route. For 2019, 14 off road enthusiasts, Youtubers, Internet TV stars take on 10 days of hardcore off road wheeling in heavily modified Jeeps/4x4s that spans 4 states and over 1800 miles in this endurance-testing adventure. Join us where the pavement ends on PowerStop’s Trail To SEMA.

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Johnson Valley

Johnson Valley is one of, if not THE, most hardcore wheeling destinations in the whole US. Since we were already somewhat close by in Big Bear, it was a no-brainer for Trail To SEMA 2019 to make the short trip to the desert lake bed that is the home of King Of The Hammers.

King Of The Hammers is a week long event in Johnson Valley in the beginning of each year where a makeshift town is created (dubbed “Hammertown”) to house over 60,000 people who love off road racing. Being there in late October, we had the whole lakebed to ourselves for a few nights of camping and wheeling.

Sledgehammer Trail

The extremely capable and powerful Ultra4 vehicles used in King Of The Hammers are some of the most impressive machines out there, and the trail lines in the Johnson Valley are made for them. The modified Jeeps and buggy’s in our group would have a tall task ahead of them to have a successful day.

Welcoming the challenge, we chose one of the classic Hammer trails, Sledgehammer. With large boulders, tall ledges, and loose rocks that shift and change with each Jeep that crawls over them, it’s definitely up there with the most difficult trails of the 10 day adventure. The ever-changing terrain became apparent when Hollie, who ran Sledgehammer easily the day before, had early troubles one the first obstacle.

High’s & Low’s

With such a difficult trail, breaks were more than expected. Alyssa saw trouble after one of her shocks’ reservoirs leaked. Although a few winches toward the back half of the trail, though, we made it through fairly unscathed. With few lows, the highs seemed even better. Making it through such an iconic trail with such a great group of people is always a positive. The real winner might have been Matt from Busted Knuckle, though. His MegaRZR might be the only RZR ever to climb up Sledge, and the whole crew was stoked to be there for it!

This is only the beginning of Trail To SEMA 2019’s stay in Johnson Valley, and there’s a few more “first’s” still to come. Stay tuned for next week for more wheeling in Hammer Town!

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