Yes, we do offer some rotor size upgrades in our Big Brake Kit line. Many of our performance upgrade brake kits and their components follow the OEM Specifications/Standards.

How to Determine What Size Brake Rotors to Use in Your Vehicle

Brake rotors are durable elements of your vehicle’s braking system, but like any other part of your vehicle, they periodically need to be replaced. Driving on bad rotors is dangerous for you and everyone you share the road with. Damaged rotors can lead to a loss of braking power and increased stopping distances. 

When it’s time to replace brake rotors, you need to know what size of rotor you need. To determine the correct rotors for your application:

Use the PowerStop Brake Finder

An easy way to find out what brake parts your car uses is to go to the PowerStop Brake Finder tool. There, you can find the right size for whatever part you need to ensure your brake system is operating at its peak performance. Just enter your vehicle’s year, make, model, submodel (if applicable), and kit position (rear, front or front and rear).

Measure the Diameter of the Used Rotor

You can also determine the size of rotor you will need for your vehicle by measuring the diameter of the used rotor. This method can provide a fairly accurate starting point.

Are Bigger Brake Rotors Better?

While bigger rotors do have certain advantages, they are not inherently better for every vehicle or situation simply because they’re bigger. The ideal rotor size for any vehicle depends on different considerations, such as:

  • The vehicle’s overall design
  • The vehicle’s purpose (daily driver, towing vehicle, performance car, etc.)

In certain situations, bigger rotors can offer benefits. However, they can also have disadvantages, for example:

Extra Weight Can Diminish Stopping Power

Reducing a vehicle’s weight is one way to enhance its performance. However, installing bigger rotors achieves the opposite. The extra weight of bigger rotors can affect the way a vehicle accelerates and stops. It takes more power to get heavier rotors spinning and it takes more energy to make them stop. Generally, adding one pound of rotating mass is like adding two pounds of static mass. This means that a bigger rotor’s increased weight has a greater impact than just the weight that was added.

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