Drifting at Gridlife Midwest

Even with the addition of Battle Brackets, drifting at Gridlife is still the #1 on-track attraction. It draws spectators from every corner of the venue, and with good reason. Gridlife aims to keep drifting fun!

Gingerman Raceway is 11 turns of excitement for drifters, and it lends itself well to the sport no matter the level of vehicle prep. That’s not to say that any of the drift cars on hand was ill-prepared. It means that whether you have 200 hp or 1000hp, Gingerman’s twists and turns give you the canvas to make your own automotive art.

Keep Drifting Fun at Gridlife

Even with a full field of pro drifters, Gridlife isn’t a competition. No one is there to win anything, this is an event where rivalries die and fun is the order of the day. Where else can you see the pros sliding door to door with each other in 5 car trains? And it’s not just for the pros, the Midwest drift scene brings the heat!

Function must always follow form for drifters in the Midwest. The cars here are lower and wilder than anywhere else in the country! It’s like a car show out on track with bumpers and side skirts dragging in corners while smoke billows from the tires. And yes there will be carnage, but that is all part of the game and you can bet that these cars will look show-ready the next time they hit the track.

Rain or shine…

Everyone loves a good smoke show, and drift cars never disappoint. But when the rain comes the smokes stops, but the fun doesn’t. Rainy conditions reduce traction, this meant that the cars with less horsepower could try some bigger moves. Watching your friends attempt 360 entries without any consequence was just one of the benefits that reduced traction can bring.

Also, we’d like to make a special shout-out to the guys at Race Service. Their chase car photo and video put us right in the middle of the action! The Racer Chaser of choice was a Mustang RTR Spec 2 equipped with Nitto NT-01 tires and a set of PowerStop Track Day brake pads. The RTR turned out to be the perfect balance for driver James Kirkham to catch all the action.

Drifting at Midwest Festival is one of the highlights of our year, but don’t take our word for it. Click into the gallery to see pictures of your friends and the pros getting ROWDY. Also be sure to check for blog updates with more Gridlife pictures!


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