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Porsche Cayenne / Audi Q7 / VW Touareg Rotors

Now Available! – New part numbers are available for the Porsche Cayenne, Audi Q7, and the VW Touareg. We have the 320mm and 350mm front rotors and the corresponding rear rotors. Part numbers are as follows:

Models with 320mm front rotors:
Front: EBR820XL, EBR819XR
Rear: EBR1013XL, EBR1013XR

Models with 350mm front rotors:
Front: EBR822XL, EBR823XR
Rear: EBR1013XL, EBR1013XR

Z16 Ceramic Brake Pads and Electronic Pad Wear Sensors are available for all applications.


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