PowerStop’s affordable alternative to high costs associated with OE parts

Bedford Park, IL – PowerStop LLC is proud to introduce Euro-Stop™ brake kits, the first ever complete brake kit for European vehicles with ECE-R90 certified components. Each kit includes a perfectly matched set of pads, rotors, sensors (where applicable) and hardware (where applicable) for those seeking OEM level quality for a lot less money than the new car dealer. All Euro-Stop™ Brake Kits are engineered to meet the strict European ECE-R90 standards ensuring OEM performance and safety.

“After thorough research and testing we are pleased to introduce Euro-Stop brake kits. An industry first! Many customers wanted PowerStop to expand its offering to include an OEM equivalent quality brake solution for their European vehicles without the high costs associated with OE parts purchased from the car dealer. The Euro-Stop brake kits are perfect for the daily driver and our Z23 Brake kit addresses the spirited daily driver who prefers the upgraded performance of Carbon-Fiber Ceramic technology combined with the benefits of our drilled & slotted performance brake rotors” – Arvin Scott, PowerStop CEO

PowerStop has teamed with up, one of the world’s leading OE manufacturers in Germany to supply Euro-Stop™ brake pads. High carbon Euro-Stop™ disc brake rotors metallurgy improves the coefficient of friction for increased performance, optimizes thermal conductivity for resistance to thermal distortion and cracking, and improves damping qualities to greatly reduce the possibility of brake pad squeal. Euro-Stop™ disc brake rotors are then machined to OES specifications for quiet, smooth braking without pulsation. PowerStop® went one step further and applied GEOMET® coating to each rotor to resist corrosion. Electronic wear sensors supplied by an OEM manufacturer are included where applicable, and stainless steel hardware is also included where applicable.

The first phase release of Euro-Stop™ Brake Kits cover 87% of European vehicles on the road in North America. Vehicles covered include (2000-2013) Audi, BMW, Land Rover, Mercedes, Mini, Porsche, Saab, Volkswagen, and Volvo.

More About ECE-R90:
In North America, there is no government regulation that requires brake parts to be certified to meet OE specifications prior to being sold. In the European Union, ECE-R90 certification is required for all replacement brake pads and disc brake rotors sold and assures that disc brake pads and disc brake rotors match OE tolerances and performance within 15%. This certification guarantees the same performance as the OE brake component. All Euro-Stop™ brake kits are ECE-R90 Certified.

PowerStop LLC has been the leading brand in performance braking systems since 1995. PowerStop® first introduced its Brake Kit™ in November 2010, and pioneered the performance brake upgrade category by providing exceptional quality brake parts at an affordable price. We are headquartered in Bedford Park, IL 60638.

You can reach us at 888-863-4415 or email us at [email protected]


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