New Z23 Evolution Sport Brake Pads will become available in October 2014

The carbon fiber-ceramic matrix pads resist fade up to much higher temperatures than OEM pads, due to their unique material formula. Additionally, the Z23 pads are virtually noiseless, owing in part to the low-dust carbon-ceramic compound and in part to dual rubber layers covering constrained steel shims.

“The Z23 pads really resist fade up to high temperatures, even during extreme driving,” said Arvin Scott, CEO of PowerStop LLC. “We consider these pads ideal for customers who want the highest performance from their vehicles without sacrificing everyday driving reliability.”

PowerStop’s prime performance in the aftermarket brake parts market and strong reputation for quality will position the Z23 pads for success. Similar to PowerStop’s Z26 Extreme Performance pads, the Z23 pads will be included in PowerStop’s top-selling 1-Click Brake Kits. While the Z26 pads best suit high horsepower cars and big wheel upgrades, the Z23 pads best suit daily-driver, medium horsepower cars.

Sold as a set, the Z23 pads will include ceramic brake lubricant in each set. Premium stainless steel hardware will be included where applicable. Similar to PowerStop’s other performance brake pads, the Z23s are thermal-scorched for an easy, fast break-in process. For the convenience of its online retail partners, as with all of PowerStop’s products, the Z23 pads will not feature MAP pricing.

“We look forward to capturing yet another part of the burgeoning brake parts market!” Scott said. “Drivers who want race-quality stopping power during daily driving will love the Z23 Evolution Sport pads.”

Rodion Galperin
Art Director | Creative Engineer
[email protected]


About PowerStop, LLC
 PowerStop Extreme Performance brake rotors and pads were first introduced in California in 1995 as a solution for the consumer’s toughest brake challenges. Over the years, through the introduction of award-winning, high-performance products, PowerStop set the standard for reliability and performance at a pleasing price point.
PowerStop’s ultimate goal of satisfying its customer’s every braking need was realized when the company introduced its first performance brake kit, the 1-Click Brake Kit, in 2011. The comprehensive line of application-specific kits include as applicable: rotors, pads, brake hardware, sensors and calipers.
The “1-Click Brake Kit” has revolutionized the way consumers purchase their brake parts and takes the guesswork out of selecting the right pad and rotor combination, while delivering maximum performance. Don’t just stop – PowerStop!

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