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PowerStop Speedstop course photos of the 2019 Ultimate Streetcar Season

The 2019 Optima Batteries Search for the Ultimate Streetcar series kicked off this last weekend at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Not surprisingly our favorite portion of the event is the PowerStop Speedstop Challenge. For the uninitiated, the Speedstop Challenge is typically a pair of “U” shaped courses with a dual standing start drag race down to opposing sharp left or right turns, through a high-speed chicane, and culminating in an aggressive stop in a 20×40′ box. Each competitor runs both the left and right hand courses and they are ranked based on their combined times (left and right).

It’s a true test of man and machine, and of course a GREAT test of a vehicle’s brake system. The Optima series is an ever-evolving platform that tests the country’s fastest street cars and their drivers. The Optima Ultimate Streetcar series has a class for just about any car on the street including vintage cars, lightweights, and even an EV (electric vehicle) class! This year the a new “Outlaw” class was added to accommodate the most extreme street-legal cars out there, and it’s shaping up to be the best year for the series yet.

Ultimate StreetCar Speedstop Photos

Let’s be honest, you came here for the photos. So without any further rambling, here are some great photos from this last weekend’s event.

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Photos provided courtesy of Optima Batteries

Photos shot by Kaleb Kelley and Jim McIlvaine


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