PowerStop Re-Engineered C6 Corvette Z06 Rotors

Powerstop has taken the brake system for one of the top performing vehicles and made it even better! The factory Z06 rotors were actually 2 left hand rotors, causing the right hand rotor to overheat under heavy braking.  Our C6 Corvette Z06 rotors are made with a left and a right hand vane configuration for optimum cooling.  We also carry our world famous Z16 Evolution Ceramic brake pads for the Z06 for even more stopping power. The Corvette C6 Z06 rotors are also popular for enthusiasts creating their own custom brake kits.

Part numbers for the rotors are as follows:

Cross Drilled:  Front- AR82113L, AR82113R  Rear- AR82114L, AR82114R
Cross Drilled and Slotted:  Front- AR82113XL, AR82113XR  Rear- AR82114XL, AR82114XR
Z16 Evolution Brake Pads: Front- 16-1185F  Rear- 16-1185R


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