Back Trail To SEMA Episode 6 Backdoor & Desert Drag Race

Every year, the world famous SEMA show is held in Las Vegas to highlight the best innovations and new products in the aftermarket automotive world. When most vendors and attendees take a flight to the show, we take the scenic route. For 2019, 14 off road enthusiasts, Youtubers, Internet TV stars take on 10 days of hardcore off road wheeling in heavily modified Jeeps/4x4s that spans 4 states and over 1800 miles in this endurance-testing adventure. Join us where the pavement ends on PowerStop’s Trail To SEMA.

Trail to SEMA: Backdoor Obstacle

On the last episode of Trail To SEMA, we stadium lit the entire Chocolate Thunder Trail in an attempt to bring some of the regular nightlife a part of the annual King Of The Hammers race week. Riding high off of how cool that was, we took it a step further. Even closer to our camp site was the vaunted Backdoor trail. It features a 12ft high water fall that the group at first just wanted to “line up the tires and see how it felt, then head in for the night.” Ian Johnson said it best calling Backdoor “mythical”. When the Rigid Scene Lights shined on the challenging obstacle and everyone gathered around, though, it was a different story.

It became a battle of who would make it up first, and then once one Jeep made it up, it was peer pressure for nearly everyone to make conquer Backdoor. With everyone running different wheelbases, engine power, tires, and weight only one thing was consistent throughout the group: determination. It truly was a mini King Of The Hammers Backdoor experience we’re excited to share with you all!

Backdoor obstacle king of the hammers
bleepin jeep trail to sema backdoor
litebrite backdoor
revkit trail to sema backdoor

Drag Racing With Jeeps

After celebrating the winners of Backdoor around the campfire, the offroad adventure crew got a good night’s sleep to prepare for a drag race the next morning. Drag racing is typically only for high horsepower muscle cars, the very opposite of every vehicle in the bunch. Some wheelers came prepared, though. Jay Payson’s HP Tuners “Lil Booger” is supercharged and more than welcomes high speeds. LiteBrite Studios’ 6.4 liter SRT Hemi-swapped Rubicon is no slouch either. It’s also important to point out that Brittany & Kevin both LIVE out of their Jeep. This puts new perspective on the quotation “you can race your car but you can’t race your house”. See what happens when the flag, and the skinny pedals, go down.

jeep drag race trail to sema
off road drag race trail to sema
desert drag race trail to sema

What’s To Come

That’s it for our time in Johnson Valley, home of King Of The Hammers. From here we hit the highway and arrive at another off road Mecca, Sand Hollow. Check back next week for 4×4 action in Utah!

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