The 2nd annual Trail to SEMA off-road adventure

Our SEMA off-road adventure took us 1900 miles from the Chicago area out to the SEMA show in Las Vegas. The epic adventure includes a few days on the road getting from Chicago to Grand Junction, Colorado where we met up with the guys from JC Whitney in their JKU Rubicon.

We exit out of the Colorado National Monument on our way to Moab, Utah via 70 miles of off-roading through the Utah backcountry and crossing the Delores River. Once in Moab, we headed to Poison Spider Mesa for a day of slick rock fun in our trio of Jeeps.

On our way out of the Poison Spider Mesa Trail, is where the drama happened! The PowerStop white JKU Rubicon lost the brakes due to a torn brake line. With not having the right tools to fix the brake line, we were forced to really put the PowerStop Z36 Brake Kit to the ultimate test!

Watch episode 4 to see what happens:

After taking care of the brake line, we make our way to Las Vegas in preparation for the last day of trail rides on Rocky Gap Road, just west of Las Vegas. The trail from Lovell Canyon into the Red Rock Canyon Conservation area really does serve up something for everyone… challenging everything from a stock Wrangler to a dedicated rock buggy. Once off the trail to we took our lightly beaten, and heavily used JK Rubicon straight to SEMA where we parked it nice and dirty in our booth inside the central hall.

Watch ALL 7 episodes of the PowerStop #TrailToSEMA 2016:

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