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Z36 Truck & Tow Review: Real people, Real Love | Overland Adventure

Backcountry Hauling

Dan Cressall, @FullSizeOverland1 on Instagram, was one of the 20 chosen for the inaugural Overland Adventure 2019. His off-road capable Dodge Ram truck is equipped with our Z36 Truck & Tow Performance Brake Kit; the perfect kit for hauling all the extra camping gear he needed for the 3-day journey throughout the Arizona backcountry. See what he has to say in this edition of Real People, Real Love.

Overland Adventure

The first-ever Overland Adventure took place back in May. We sent our friend Jason Lewis (you may know him on YouTube as AutoEdit) out on the 3-day trek throughout the Arizona backcountry before enjoying the amazing Overland Expo West trade show put on by Four Wheeler Magazine. Check out our highlight video on Overland Adventure here.

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