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Stock / OE Replacement Calipers

Power Stop’s Autospecialty OE Replacement Brake Calipers (Sold Individually) bolt directly in place of the stock calipers. The Caliper and the Bracket are remanufactured in our Chicago, IL facility. All new premium boots and seals are used, along with high-temperature silicone lubricant on the caliper pins for long life. Premium abutment clips are included where applicable.

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Stock Replacement Calipers

100% Pressure Tested

All calipers are thoroughly inspected for quality and safety. Pressure tested to prevent leaks.

Brand New Components

New bleeder screws, hardware and pins.

High Temperature EPDM Rubber

High temperature EPDM rubber for extended life.

Premium Silicone Lubrication

Premium silicone lubrication provides smoother operation.