February 20, 2020

Brake Kit Installation Guide

The installation guide is for reference only. Please refer to the vehicle's service manual or professional installer for complete instructions. Click the headline to Read More!

March 31, 2023

What is the Break-In Procedure?

The break in procedure is critical to brake performance. Click Headline above to read more!

June 27, 2023

How To: Apply Brake Lube

How To Apply Brake Lube Your vehicle’s brakes use friction to slow down and stop. During the braking process, brake pads are hydraulically pressed against the brake rotor. While it may seem counterintuitive to use lube on a system that relies on friction, lubrication is essential to brake function. Ensuring that your brakes work properly […]

July 18, 2023

How to Bleed Brakes

What is brake bleeding? Here's a helpful guide and things you should know about Bleeding your Brakes. Click the headline above to read more!

October 28, 2021

How To Fix Noisy, Squeaky Brakes

It can be unsettling to hear squeaks, squeals, and other noises coming from your brakes. While squeaky brakes are not always a cause for panic, it is important to determine the reason for the noise instead of ignoring it. What Causes Brakes to Squeak? In order to determine how to fix noisy, squeaky brakes, you […]

March 19, 2022

How To Diagnose a Spongy or Soft Brake Pedal

Your brakes are a vital component of controlling your vehicle. When you press down on the brake, it should feel firm. If you notice your brakes feeling soft or spongy, something is wrong. In this PowerStop guide, we will explain how to identify spongey brakes, common causes of soft pedals, and discuss when it may […]

February 23, 2022

How To: Tell the Difference Between Left and Right Drilled & Slotted Rotors

How to Tell Apart Left or Right Drilled & Slotted Rotors For drilled & slotted rotors, it is important to pay attention to which is the left and right rotor. Luckily, if your rotors are not labeled, there is an easy way to tell. On the top side of the rotor, follow up along the […]

January 27, 2023

How to: Break-in Your New Evolution Coated Rotors

Breaking in Your New Evolution Coated Rotors Now that you’ve purchased and installed your new PowerStop Evolution Coated Rotors, it is important to properly break them in (a process called “bedding”). During the bedding process, the rotors and brake pads are subjected to a series of controlled stops, which helps to distribute an even layer […]

June 29, 2022

I Have Aluminum Brake Calipers, What Do I Need to Know?

What To Know About Aluminum Brake Calipers If the engineers of your vehicle decided to use aluminum for the body of the calipers on your vehicle, they were probably more focused on performance than they were on the cost to manufacture. Aluminum calipers enhance the performance of a vehicle by reducing “un-sprung weight”, which helps […]

September 24, 2021

Is Brake Rotor Surface Rust a Problem?

Rust Problems With Your Brake Rotors If you’ve noticed surface rust on your brake rotor, it’s most likely nothing of concern. Surface rust will be cleaned off with normal driving. However, if the rust has gone on to cause pitting in the rotor, you have a larger issue. This usually takes months of a car […]

February 08, 2023

How to-Install Brake Pads (2010-2018 Ford F150, Expeditions, and Lincoln Navigators)

How to- Install Brake Pads (Ford F150, Expeditions, and Lincoln Navigators) Ready to install new brake pads on 2010 to present Ford F-150, Expeditions, and Lincoln Navigators? PowerStop is here to help! Below we discuss the common signs that indicate it’s time to replace your pads and why it’s so important to replace pads as […]

April 05, 2017

Does PowerStop offer conversion on rotor sizes?

Yes, we do offer some rotor size upgrades in our Big Brake Kit line. Many of our performance upgrade brake kits and their components follow the OEM Specifications/Standards. How to Determine What Size Brake Rotors to Use in Your Vehicle Brake rotors are durable elements of your vehicle’s braking system, but like any other part […]

April 13, 2022

How To: Tell How Many Pistons are in a Brake Caliper

How To Tell How Many Pistons My Brake Calipers Have? Quite frequently our Brake Finder will ask, “how many pistons do the front/rear calipers have?” Don’t worry! You probably don’t even have to take off your wheel to find the answer. Modern vehicles typically have open-wheel designs to make it easy to visually confirm how […]

March 15, 2023

How To: PowerStop Track Day Break-In Procedure

How To Break-in Your New PowerStop Track Day Brake Pads Breaking in, or “bedding” your brakes is an essential step in any brake job. Our PowerStop Track Day Brake Pads require a special break-in procedure that is different from our Street Performance brake pads.  In the video below, Andrew Lewis, one of the mechanics at […]

August 26, 2014

How do I return my used caliper cores?

Caliper Core Refund Request Form PowerStop will issue a check within 60 days of receiving your caliper cores.Caliper cores must be received within 60 Days of purchase with a proof of purchase receipt included. – Caliper core MUST be in rebuildable condition. Click to download PDF version of Caliper Condition Graphic – Include proof of […]

December 08, 2021

Helpful Tips For Installing A New Brake Caliper

Brake Caliper Install Tips & Tricks Installing a brake caliper on your vehicle? You’ve come to the right place.  Brake calipers are very important to a vehicle’s brake system as brake fluid flows to the piston(s) in the caliper to press the brake pads onto the rotor. If you are preparing to install a new […]

January 04, 2017

2007-2017 Jeep Wrangler JK JKU Power Stop Z36 Truck and Tow Complete Brake Kit Install

2007-2017 Jeep Wrangler JK JKU Power Stop Z36 Truck & Tow Complete Brake Kit Install In this video, Jason Lewis covers the installation of the Extreme Z36 Truck and Tow Brake Upgrade Kit on his 2013 Jeep JKU. Jason walks you through how to replace the brake rotors and pads but also explains why upgraded […]

January 03, 2017

2015-2016 F-150 Power Stop Z36 Extreme Truck and Tow Brake Kit Install

 PowerStop F-150 Brake Kits Trucks are naturally heavy. It just comes as a standard part of the package. Too bad nobody sent that memo to your F-150’s factory brakes. Your factory brake pads and rotors struggle bringing a bone-stock F-150 to a decent stop, especially after putting a good amount of miles on them. […]

January 03, 2017

2013-2016 Super Duty 4WD Power Stop Z36 Truck and Tow Brake Kit Install

Power Stop Z36 Truck and Tow Brake Kit Install If you use your Super Duty 4WD for heavy hauling or towing, you need the kind of braking system that you can rely on when it comes to getting the best stopping power from any speed when you need it most. Unfortunately, your factory stock brake […]

January 03, 2017

2005-2007 Super Duty 4WD PowerStop Z36 Truck and Tow Brake Kit Install

 Stopping power for the times you need it most The factory front and rear brake rotors and brake pads on your F250 or F350 Super Duty 4WD do a decent job of stopping your truck, but if you’re hauling any heavy loads or towing up and down steep hills, you need a sizable increase […]

November 28, 2021

How to Clean Brake Rotors of Dust, Rust, and Corrosion (Step-by-Step)

HOW TO CLEAN BRAKE ROTORS OF DUST, RUST, AND CORROSION (STEP-BY-STEP) Not only are brake rust and dust unsightly, but they are corrosive to your wheels—and because brakes require friction and brake pad wear to function, some level of dust is also inevitable. Your wheels will always be exposed to dust from your brakes; that […]

July 16, 2019

Truck U Series: PowerStop Z36 Extreme Truck & Tow Brake Kit Install

How To Install the PowerStop Z36 Truck & Tow Brake Upgrade Kit The PowerStop Z36 Truck & Tow Brake Upgrade Kit is the ultimate upgrade for trucks that haul extra weight, tow a trailer or boat, have a larger wheel/tire combination, or simply want better stopping power. Features and Benefits of the PowerStop Z36 Truck […]

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