Euro-Stop Brake Kit for
Euro-Stop Brake Kit by PowerStop

Euro-Stop Brake Kit

ECE-R90 Certified Brake kit for European Vehicles

If you’re looking to retain the original level of performance and quality for your European vehicle, but tired of paying the “Luxury Tax” when it’s time for brake service, then we recommend the Euro-Stop® brake kit. The Euro-Stop® disc brake pads are made in Europe and are ECE-R90 certified to meet the strict standards required throughout the European Union – ensuring OE (Original Equipment) performance and quality. The Euro-Stop® Brake Kit also includes High-Carbon disc rotors that are coated using Genuine Geomet® anti-corrosion coating, premium hardware and electronic wear sensors – Everything you need to get the job done, at the price point you always wanted.


  • Disc brake rotors are coated using genuine GEOMET® for maximum protection against rust.
  • Disc brake rotors are cast using High-Carbon metallurgy, providing the highest coefficient of friction for increased performance, optimizing thermal conductivity for resistance to thermal distortion and cracking, & improving damping coefficient to reduce squeal.
  • Disc brake rotors machined to OES specifications for quiet, smooth braking.
  • Includes a set of Euro-Stop disc brake pads with a premium stainless steel hardware kit.
  • ECE-R90 brake pads produce an equivalent amount of brake dust to the OE product
  • Electronic wear sensors are included from a leading European OEM manufacturer.


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OE Expertise

Euro-Stop® Brake Pads are made in Europe.

ECE-R90 Certified

ECE-R90 Certified to guarantee the same performance as the OE (Original Equipment) brake pad.

Premium Hardware

Premium stainless steel hardware kit is included (where applicable) for a problem-free installation.

Euro-Stop® ECE-R90 Certified Brake Pads

The regulation specifies brake pads and linings are measured for cold performance, speed sensitivity, friction behavior, compressibility, shear, and hardness.

Electronic Brake Wear Sensors

OES (Original Equipment Supplier) to BMW and Mercedes included where applicable.

Euro-Stop® High-Carbon & Genuine GEOMET® Coated Disc Brake Rotors

High-Carbon Metallurgy

High-Carbon metallurgy is used to provide optimal thermal conductivity that helps Prevent Brake Judder. The high carbon content also has better sound dampening characteristics to ensure quiet braking and higher resistance to distortion and thermal cracking while improving your braking safety and performance

What is ECE-R90?

ECE-R90 guarantees the same performance as the OE brake component.
In North America, there is no government regulation that requires brake parts to be certified to meet OE specifications prior to being sold.
However, Europe has strict quality standards. ECE-R90 is the European regulatory standard for the braking industry. The European regulation requires testing to ensure that braking components match OEM fitment and function.

ECE-R90 Includes the following:

Testing benchmark against OE performance
Every part number must be certified
Part testing done for the vehicle the part fits

ECE-R90 Brake Disc Pad Testing

Friction characteristics / stopping ability
Shear strength
Speed Sensitivity

ECE-R90 Brake Disc Rotor Testing

Dimensionally correct
Machining tolerances
Friction characteristics / stopping ability
Thermal Fatigue testing
High load testing

All Euro-Stop™ disc pads and rotors meet ECE-R90 specifications

Euro-Stop™ brake kits are available for most popular European vehicles on the road today, such as:
Land Rover