Track Day SPEC Brake Pads for
Power Stop Track Day SPEC Brake Pads

Track Day SPEC Brake Pads

Advanced track day friction Formula

If you are an experienced track day enthusiast or are competing in a racing series and want the ultimate performance brake pads, then look no further than Power Stop Track Day Spec brake pads. The Power Stop research and development team spent countless hours matching the right pad compound to each individual vehicle platform so you don’t have to spend countless track days figuring it out yourself. These platform-specific brake pads have an excellent coefficient of friction and resist fade during the rigors of your favorite track day event or competitive racing series.

  • Platform – Specific pad compound
  • High coefficient of friction when cold, even higher when hot.
  • Friction material designed specifically for a high-level track day or competitive use in mind
  • Very consistent and stable modulation
  • Superior pedal feel
  • Abutment Clips, Tension Clips, and Pin Bushings included where applicable

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Advanced Track Day Brake Pads

Platform-Specific Track Day friction compound features Extreme Fade Resistance,
Low Thermal Conductivity, Consistent Pedal Feel & Modulation.

Platform Specific

Friction compounds that are developed based on specific vehicle platforms for the most optimal braking performance.

Track Tested

The braking components in our Track Day kits are tested on the track, this is not a re-purposed street compound.

Data Driven

The Power Stop team spent countless track hours using advanced vehicle data-loggers to formulate for the best friction compounds.