Track Day Brake Pads for

Track Day Brake Pads

World's 1st Platform Specific Track Day Friction Formula

Drivers who participate in “Track-Days” or “High Performance Driving Events (HPDE)” rely on their brakes and know the value of having the right brake pads. The Power Stop R&D team have spent countless hours formulating friction compounds that are matched to each individual vehicle platform, this means you spend more time on the track and less time trying to find the ideal brake pad setup for your vehicle. Power Stop’s (PST) Platform-Specific TrackDay friction compounds offer a very high coefficient of friction and resist fading even at the highest temperatures thanks to its Carbon-Fiber Metallic formulation.

  • Platform Specific Compound
  • Carbon-Fiber/Metallic formulation
  • High cold coefficient of friction
  • Increased friction as heat increases
  • Consistent brake modulation
  • Superior pedal feel
  • Low rotor wear compared to race pads
  • Engineered to work with High-Carbon Track Day rotors for Maximum Performance

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Platform-Specific Brake Pads

Platform-Specific Track Day friction compound features Extreme Fade Resistance,
Low Thermal Conductivity, Consistent Pedal Feel & Modulation.

Platform Specific

Friction compounds that are developed based on specific vehicle platforms for the most optimal braking performance.

Track Tested

The braking components in our Track Day kits are tested on the track, this is not a re-purposed street compound.

Data Driven

The Power Stop team spent countless track hours using advanced vehicle data-loggers to formulate for the best friction compounds.

What are people saying?

Thank you, PowerStop, for helping me push harder at the track, and feel safer on the street.

I have been competing in the Optima Search for the Ultimate Street Car series over the past two years, and have added a few modifications to my 2010 Mustang GT. One of the best has been the PowerStop Track Day Brake Kit. Not only was the installation straightforward, simple, and done without specialized tools, it was evident on the street that the brakes had more stopping power. On the track, it was even more apparent, allowing me to brake later, harder, and with more confidence.

Thank you, PowerStop, for helping me push harder at the track, and feel safer on the street.

Saroja Raman (2010 Mustang GT)


I’ve ran the same PowerStop Track Day pads and rotors in my 1970 Camaro with Z06 Corvette brakes in three Optima events and their braking power is excellent and show no signs of brake fade. Braking confidence is great and allows you to brake deeper into a turns.
I also have a Cadillac CTSV and use the PowerStop Z26 brake pads. The brake feel and stopping power is equivalent to the factory pads with one big benefit. 1/4 the dust is created with these pads. That means less cleaning, the calipers and polished wheels always look clean.
The price for these pads is a fraction of the other high performance pads and you can purchase them from Rock Auto or Summit Racing and have them next day.

Nick Relampagos (1970 Camaro with Z06 Corvette brakes & Cadillac CTSV)

More than enough stopping power!

As an instructor at the Bondurant Racing School, I spend nearly ever day of the week putting my Instructor car (Dodge 392 Charger) through an array of different high performance training exercises, as well as consistent track time.

With the PowerStop Track Day pads and Rotors, I’ve had consistent, reliable stopping power as well as durability. Having PowerStop brakes on the Racing Schools’ student cars as well is equally comforting, knowing that they have more than enough stopping power in our intense, high performance learning environment.
Thank you for making a Phenomenal product. PowerStop will continue to be on all of my vehicles (Street and Racing) for many years to come.

Canaan O'Connell (Dodge 392 Charger)