How To Break-in Your New PowerStop Track Day Brake Pads

Breaking in, or “bedding” your brakes is an essential step in any brake job. Our PowerStop Track Day Brake Pads require a special break-in procedure that is different from our Street Performance brake pads. 

In the video below, Andrew Lewis, one of the mechanics at the prestigious Bondurant Racing School, now known as Radford Racing School, shows how to properly get your new Track Day Brake Pads ready for your next day at the track.

After installing a set of PowerStop Track Day Brake Pads, it is crucial that you break in your new pads. The process of breaking in new pads is referred to as “bedding,” which entails carefully heating and cooling the brakes to enhance their braking capabilities. Throughout the bedding procedure, a uniform layer of brake pad material is transferred to the brake rotors. This process can also prevent brake fade by releasing gas from the pad material.

Breaking in new pads is a critical step that helps your new brakes perform well. The bedding process ensures optimal braking performance, smoother and quieter braking, and an accurate feel of what you can expect from your brakes on the track.

If you skip the bedding process, you may compromise your track day vehicle’s ability to slow down and stop optimally. Your vehicle will slow more smoothly and stop much faster after taking the time to properly break in your new pads.

Step 1: Brake While Driving 

Begin the bedding process by accelerating up to 60 miles per hour. Once you have achieved the proper speed, start braking in a moderate-to-aggressive fashion down to 10 miles an hour. 

Repeat this step 10 times.

Step 2: Allow the Brakes to Cool

Once you have performed the first 10 sets of braking, you’ll need to let the brakes cool down. Spend a couple of minutes performing cool-down laps at about 30 miles per hour without touching the brakes.

Step 3: Repeat Braking While Driving

Once the brakes have cooled sufficiently, perform the same driving-and-braking process as you did in Step 1, accelerating and braking 10 times, except during this step, accelerate to 80 MPH, then initiate braking.

Step 4: Repeat the Cooling Process

After completing ten 80-mph braking reps, repeat the cooling process. Drive for a couple of minutes at 30 miles per hour without touching the brakes.

Step 5: Enjoy Your Bedded Brakes!

PowerStop offers best-in-class products for all your track day braking needs. Whether you need quality pads, rotors, or a complete Track Day Brake Kit, we have everything you need for optimal stopping power.

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