Do You Need New Hardware With New Brake Pads?

New brake pads need new hardware.

It’s important that every time you change your brake pads you are changing the brake pad hardware with them.

The constant heating and cooling of normal driving will weaken your brake pad’s hardware over time. Compromised hardware can lead to binding, pulling, warping, uneven wear, noise, and many other problems. Every make and model has a different variety of these clips, so installation varies but leaving them off is not an option.

PowerStop provides a new set of hardware in every brake kit.

Is It Okay To Reuse Brake Hardware?

The brake system works harder than any other safety system on your vehicle. Each time you stop for a light or slow down in traffic, your brakes ensure that you can do so safely. Because of this alone, it is always a good idea to use new parts for all your brake repairs. It is also important to consider components such as shims, clips, and bolts that are sometimes overlooked when replacing brake pads and brake rotors.

Even if some parts (like old clips) may still appear to be in decent condition, you should swap them out for new hardware when you change your brakes. Bad clips can allow pads to shift, creating uneven braking surfaces. This can negatively affect your ability to stop and lead to premature wear on every part of the braking system.

What Happens If You Don’t Replace Brake Hardware?

If you don’t replace brake hardware, you increase the risk of your brakes failing and getting into a serious accident. As mentioned above, old, worn hardware can cause a multitude of problems, including noise, uneven wear, warping, pulling, binding, and more.

In addition to ensuring a safer ride, replacing brake hardware can also save you money. New hardware protects your new pads and rotors. If you fail to get new hardware when you replace your brakes, you may need new brake pads more often, meaning you’ll have to pay for new brake pads more frequently.

Brake pads are designed to wear down with use. Their braking surfaces provide the friction needed to slow vehicles without overheating entire braking systems. Brake rotors are more robust in design; however, they do need to be occasionally replaced due to the repeated heating and cooling cycles produced by the braking system. While brake calipers can last longer, their bushings can become brittle over time.

PowerStop Includes New Hardware in Every Brake Kit

If you are changing out your brakes, you need to know that every aspect of your new kit provides optimal braking performance.

That’s why PowerStop includes new, durable hardware in every brake kit we sell. We are committed to helping you maintain exceptional stopping power and avoid preventable problems that could cost you money down the line.

When you choose PowerStop parts and brake kits, you can rest assured that you are getting premium quality products that you and your family can count on.

Have a Question? PowerStop Can Help!

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