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At PowerStop we’re committed to bringing you any information that can help make your driving experience better and safer. Towing requires different precautions than everyday driving. In this video, we traveled to our friends Curt Manufacturing to help us go over some of the basic load weight techniques and optional equipment.

Load Weight When Towing

When towing with a trailer, it’s important to pay attention where the weight is placed. 60% of the weight of the load should be in front of the trailer axle with 40% behind it. Too much weight behind the trailer axle can result in trailer sway. However, too much weight in front of the axle can also be bad. In this situation, weight will be lifted off the front axle of the truck. This leads to poor steering and braking.

The 60/40 weight split is used mainly for a traditional trailer setup, but applies to most other trailer setups, too. If you cannot get the recommended 60/40 ratio, there are products designed to help. Examples of these products can be found in the video above.


In another video and article, we go over brake fade and brake fluid boil. These are two of the scariest brake system malfunctions that can occur while towing. We go over how to deal with it in the moment, and also how to prevent it from happening in the first place thanks to the PowerStop Z36 Truck & Towing Brake Kit. The drilled & slotted rotors combined with carbon-fiber ceramic brake pads help get your truck over the mountain safely.

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