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Why Trucks that Tow Need Better Brakes

Trucks that tow need better brakes. Any time you add weight to a vehicle by hauling a load, towing a trailer, or simply adding a larger wheel/tire combination, you change the operating conditions of your stock brake package. Those operating conditions may exceed the ability of the stock braking components. When this happens, it is a good idea to replace or upgrade your brake parts because it will increase stopping power and react well to climates. It requires better brake performance, stopping power, control and balance due to the weight of the truck.

Better stopping power
Carbon Fiber and Ceramic formula brake pads: the ceramic formula is reinforced with carbon fibers to withstand the increase in heat. These pads generate the additional brake torque that is needed due to adding weight, towing or adding large wheels/tires

Noise-free braking

The Carbon Fiber and Ceramic formula has been refined using thorough dynamometer testing as well as on-vehicle testing to ensure noise-free performance

Low dust
The Carbon Fiber and Ceramic formula low-dust brake pad were designed to maximize stopping power and keep those wheels clean

Longer life
The powder coated backing plate on the brake pad extends life by resisting rust and corrosion

Faster brake-in
Thermal scorched brake pads: By curing the first 1mm of friction material, Thermal Scorching helps the brake pads break-in faster.

Avoid overheating
Drilled and slotted rotors: increase cooling and avoid overheating brake parts. Air flow through the beveled drill holes help keep rotor temperature down during extreme braking performance. The slots keep a clean contact patch between the pad and the rotor by sweeping away gas and dust

Reduce vibration
Mill balanced rotors: All rotors are checked for balance. Those that are slightly out of balance are machined on one side to make for perfectly balanced rotors.

Want to improve your braking performance with all these benefits?
Don’t worry PowerStop is here to help! Introducing a problem solver for pickup trucks, SUVs, 4×4 that tow, haul heavy loads or have big wheel upgrades- PowerStop Z36 Extreme severe-duty Truck & Tow Brake Kit

PowerStop Z36 Extreme severe-duty Truck and Tow Brake Kit Features:
Everything you need in a box
Drilled and slotted rotors (Drill Holes/Slots) (mill balance) (reduce vibration) (avoid overheating)
Ceramic formula carbon fiber brake pads (better stopping power) (noise-free) (longer life) (faster break-in)
Premium stainless-steel hardware kit (easy, problem-free installation)

Check out Z36 Brake Kit:

Don’t Just Stop… PowerStop!

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