Z23 Evolution Sport V.S. Euro-Stop Brake Pads

Can’t decide which brake pads to get? Torn between the Z23 Evolution Sport and the Euro-Stop brake kits? Both brake pads are great, they fit different needs.

PowerStop Z23 Brake Pads

PowerStop’s Z23 brake pads give your “Daily-Driver” the stopping power what it deserves! This easy-to install brake pads are designed to upgrade the braking power on pretty much anything you drive. The brake pads are made from Carbon-Fiber Ceramic formula, which offer excellent braking performance. They are also low dust friction formula and have powder coated backing plate that extends life by resisting rust and corrosion. So, you can say “goodbye” to that nasty brake dust! Z23 brake kit is a simple bolt-on upgrade for your brakes.

Z23 Brake Pad Features:

-More stopping power
-Noise-free and smooth braking
-Low brake dust
-Performance upgrade

PowerStop Euro-Stop Brake Pads

For European vehicle drivers here in North America, it can be hard to get brakes that match your manufacture’s original equipment specifications. PowerStop’s Euro-Stop brake kit solves that problem.
PowerStop’s Euro-Stop brake pads, ECE-R90 certified brake pads are measured for cold performance, speed sensitivity, friction behavior, compressibility, sheer and hardness. These brake pads were designed to meet the stick European ECE-R90 standards ensuring OEM performance and safety. Euro-Stop ECE-R90 brake pads are compatible with OE performance, as well as OEM look.

Euro-Stop Brake Pad Features:

-ECE-R90 certified
-Noise-free and smooth braking
-Match OE equipment brake dust
-Brake fade resistant

Comparison Chart

PowerStop Brake Kit Z23 Evolution Sport Euro-Stop
Recommend for… Daily driver Meet ECE-R90 specifications
Noise Noise-free and smooth braking Noise-free and smooth braking
Brake Dust Low dust Match OE equipment brake dust

Would the Z23 Evolution Sport kit work for a European car?

The short answer is yes. Say you’ve got a BMW and you’re sick of your wheels being constantly covered in dust from brakes meeting OE specifications, then you could surely upgrade to our Z23 line and prevent that. Since PowerStop’s Z23 kits are a higher-performance brake kit all around for anything you drive, you can’t go wrong there.

Europe’s laws require that braking components be tested to meet the same standards as original equipment. North America, however, doesn’t have the same regulations for brake parts. Because of that, brakes are not required to meet those OE specifications, so ultimately the choice is yours. We’ve made it easier to have the option of meeting ECE-R90 requirements if you choose to with our Euro-Stop kit.

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