Which Brake Pads Should You Use on Track Day?

PowerStop has developed two lines of brake pads for Track Days to work with your high performance track car. Track Day and Track Day Spec. Both deliver a major performance upgrade for super pedal feel, maximum friction coefficient, and consistent maximum performance with High-Carbon Track Day brake rotors.

Track Day

If you take your high performance car on and off the track, then the Track Day Pads are for you. They’re designed for someone who drives their car on the street then takes it to the track on the weekend.

Track Day Spec

On the other hand, Track Day Spec is designed for cars that live on the track or participating in a spec racing series such as spec Miata, most likely use r-compound tires, and has an experienced driver that pushes their car further.

Both are great lines of pads that are track tested and data driven. Our team spend countless hours formulating the best friction compounds to give your vehicle extreme fade resistance, low thermal conductivity and consistent pedal feel and modulation. It’s why we’re the official brake supplier to the Bondurant Racing School. Visit our How-To section to learn more about these performance upgrade kits. Or visit our Powerstop Media channel to find out all you need to know about our brake kits.


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