Customer Reviews

"I searched many auto parts sites before settling on the PowerStop Brake Kit, of course I was still concerned if these were any good, seemed too good to be true at $50/tire for pads and rotors but what sold me were all the good reviews I read at different web sites that supply brakes. Even then I thought that those reviews were probably fake yet I also realized those were a lot of reviews to fake. So I installed my pads and rotors, I was a little concerned because the front was a little tight and I could hardly spin my tires by hand after installing. I think things have loosened up over the last 3 to 4 days but I'll say this... 'm TOTALLY IMPRESSED. I'm a true customer testimony. When I hit the brakes my cars stops...& fast. I love it because previously I purchased mid-grade pads & rotors from carquest, and I'm sure they cost more than my powerstop equipment, but when I had to slam on my brakes it was always a "oh s*^#" moment with a close call of rear ending someone (Chicago traffic) or ditching off the road. I can't say enough about how happy I am, I hope I can get 2 or 3 good years out them then I'll be extremely happy.

Sincerly KE."

"I have been using Powerstop pads on the front and rear of my 2004 Subaru WRX for the last few years, and have really liked them. The noise factor is extremely low, and the pads do not wear prematurely.

Recently my shop vendor introduced me to the new drilled & slotted rotors from Powerstop and I thought I would give them a try. At the time my pads still had about 3-4 mm remaining, but I decided to replace the pads and rotors on the front and rear of the WRX. The immediate response was amazing.

I figured the combo of new pads & rotors, front & rear would make braking better but I never imagined they would be as good as they are. My braking distance is much shorter than with the factory brakes, and I could see a difference in the ammount of heat coming from the brakes. I work at/run an automotive repair shop, and have been in the business for almost 20 years.

The Powerstop combination of pads & rotors are the best I have ever seen. I will continue using, selling, and recommending Powerstop products to my customers as well as friends & family. Thank you Powerstop for putting a product out there that is not only affordable, but gives you everything you advertise and more.


Extremely Happy Customer from Marietta, Ga."

"Was really impressed with the short time it took to get to me. I like the power stop brakes and would recommend them to anyone."

From Brandyn B. who drives a Mitsubishi 3000GT

"After 2 weeks of use, theses brake rotors and shoes are performing perfectly, just as they should. It would be better to send you a review after 2 years or 20,000 miles since that is when my old ones started to to warp and pulsate. Hopefully that won't happen with these."

From Nick D. who drives a Chrysler 300

"I'm very satisfied with the brakes so far. It's only been about 600 miles since the install, but eliminated the vibration when braking my 04 Impala."

From Joshua R. who drives a Chevrolet Impala

"Better then when I rolled the truck off the lot."

From Keith B D who drives a GMC Yukon

"Parts fit great. Packaging was very good. I have the brakes on the truck for a couple weeks and they work great. Stops better than factory and they look great, too."

James S. who drives a Dodge Ram 1500

Reviews provided by a Power Stop Authorized Dealer.